• MG Chemicals UK

    A renowned quality brand in Canada and the USA, MG Chemicals are expanding into the UK and Continental EU.

    The MG range is now available at Circuit Specialists and the MG product will soon be in high demand for industrial applications and with hobbyists alike.

    To cater for that demand, MG Chemicals are now stocking many of their popular items in the UK.

    Circuit Specialists can deliver from the UK by road at competitive rates. Check our shipping calculator to find excellent rates with quality courier services such as DPD, TNT and Royal Mail.

    MG's commitment to quality, and the flexibility of an in-house R&D lab make MG your best choice.

    View the MG Website here:

    And View the Company Video HERE:

    Make MG Chemicals your first choice when it comes to Chemical Products.


  • Jargon Buster

    As with any industry, electronics has a language of its own. Here are some definitions for some of the most common terminology you may come across on our site.

    3D Printer – 3D printer is a process of making three-dimensional solid objects from a computer model on a digital file

    AC – Alternating current

    Circuit – A complete and closed path of electrical elements including capacitors, resistors, inductors, transmission lines, switches and power source, around which a electric current can flow and circulate Continue reading

  • Breadboard Basics

    When working on electronics, a breadboard is one of the most important items in your prototyping toolbox. 

    What is a Breadboard?

    A breadboard is a rectangular plastic box filled with holes, used to test circuits.

    No soldering is actually done on the breadboards, but instead they are used to prototype circuits by poking wires and components through little contact holes to form a complete circuit. Continue reading

  • New Tech Makes Circuit Board That is 90% Recyclable

    Electronic waste is becoming more of a troubling problem with the global volume of electronic waste expected to grow by 33% in the next four years. According to the UN’s ‘Step initiative’ nearly 50m tonnes of e-waste was generated worldwide last year, about 7kg for every person on the planet, as old devices were discarded to sit in landfills.

    Even when devices are recycled responsibly, circuit boards in everyday electronics are based on reinforced epoxy glass and solder, which makes it hard for them to be taken apart safely. Continue reading

  • Why Buy Electronic Equipment Online?

    When it comes to buying electronic equipment, buying online is a simple way to get everything you need for the best price possible.

    We are aware that customers now have more choice online than ever, so we strive to provide the best quality service and support available, so next time you are shopping online with us you won’t be disappointed. Continue reading

  • Power Supplies - the difference between switch mode and linear.

    There are considerable differences between linear and switch mode power supplies.

    We stock both designs in our bench power supply range. Here is a handy table to provide you with an overview of the main differences:



    Switching / Switch mode

     Strengths Low noise and EMC disturbances

    Good line and load regulation

    Fast transient response

    Can produce very low current output

    High efficiency (75% average with some around 95%)

    More affordable for higher power

    Lighter weight

    Can't supply low voltages and

    needs to supply a minimum current





    Low efficiency (30-40% average)

    Weight (transformer)

    Larger heat sinks

    More expensive for higher power



    More noise (including impulse noise and EMC disturbances)

    Much slower transient response compared with linear

    If you have any questions about our power supply range, please feel free to call or email us.



  • Safety Tips When Soldering

    If you’re tackling an electronics project, you’re tackling soldering as well and done improperly, soldering can be extremely dangerous. Continue reading

  • Useful Video - How To Anodize Titanium

    A straightforward video showing how to anodize titanium using the CSI 12001X Power Supply:

    Continue reading

  • Anodising Titanium using the CSI 12001X from Circuit Specialists

    Anodising Titanium using the CSI 12001X Bench Power Supply (available accepting 220-240VAC input Voltage at Continue reading

  • Pin-out and checks for B004 Soldering Iron

    The CSI 1A & 2A Manual contains helpful information about the B004 soldering iron.

    The pin-out and resistance of the wires is found in the manual, In the event that your B004 iron handle stops heating, use this as a reference to confirm whether or not the element has blown.

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