1.5 Metre Extension Cable for 5-Pin Soldering Iron

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1.5Metre Soldering Iron Extension Cable

Fits 5-pin soldering irons only.

You asked - we listened.

This is a universal extension to fit 5-pin soldering irons / stations.

Please note the following pin connections!

Please check that your wiring is the same in order for this extension to be compatible:

This extension supports stations with 3 wires running from station to iron handle.

Pins 1 & 2 are connected

Pins 4 & 5 are connected

Pin 3 is isolated

Developed for use with our CSI Station3DLF, this adapter will actually fit any 5-pin soldering iron with the same wiring.

For example, it is also compatible with our CSI 2900, CSI 2901 and BK 3000LF units.

Add this handy extension piece with its versatile silicone cable in between your existing soldering iron and station to extend the reach of your iron by 1.5 metre.

Compatible with the stations listed in the side panel.


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