AARDVARK JNR-2M inspection borescope with 8.5mm camera 2M reach

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Introducing the AARDVARK JNR II

Our all new entry level inspection camera.
Better. image quality than most other cameras at this price point

High resolution and a handy 2M camera extension length make this a perfect general purpose inspection camera.

EXTRA VALUE! - comes with a handy carry case.


  • 8.5mm diameter camera head
  • 6mm diameter shaft
  • Meets IP67 waterproof standard
  • 1.5 Image ZOOM feature
  • 180 degree image rotation feature

Often, entry level inspection cameras offer only a 1M reach. The Aardvark JNR-2M features a 2 metre long camera probe as standard.

This inspection camera comes in an attractive padded blow molded case for ideal storage. It includes useful hook and magnetic pick up attachments. It is ideal for garages, tradesmen (including plumbers and builders), inspectors and engineers in all fields, as well as being a handy tool to have around the home.

View live inspection video instantly on the 2.7" QVGA screen with 920 x 240 resolution. Six bright LED lights are mounted into the camera head for enhancing the field of vision in dark spots. The camera diameter is only 8.5mm (shaft is 6mm) which allows this camera to fit in places other cameras just wont go. 

This unit features better image resolution on the display than its' predecessor  - the AARDVARK JNR.

At this price point, we believe that this is excellent value.


  • View live inspection video instantly on the QVGA color screen. Resolution: 960 x 240
  • ZOOM in on your image with the 1.5 image magnification feature
  • Camera head is only 8.5mm in diameter and features a high sensitivity 0.3M pixel camera chip
  • 6 adjustable leds mounted in the camera head
  • Tough break and scratch resistant glass on the camera and the viewing screen
  • Waterproof camera and shaft to IP67 standard


  • Screen type" 2.7 inch (68.6mm) colour LCD
  • Resolution: 960 x 240
  • Image Rotation: 180 degrees
  • Camera diameter: 8.5mm
  • Shaft diameter: 6mm
  • Shaft length: 2 metres
  • Camera Resolution:0.3M pixels VGA
  • Viewing Angle: 60 deg
  • Depth of Field: 60mm-100mm(optimal)
  • Light Source: 6 high intensity Led lights (adjustable)
  • Operating Temp: -10deg to 45 deg C
  • Power Source: 4 AA batteries (not included)
  • Low Battery Warning: flashing red battery symbol in the corner of the screen
  • Warranty: 1 year

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