Atten 8586 desoldering & hot air rework station with 50W soldering iron

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CSE-AT 8586
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Atten 8586 Hot Air Rework Station with 50W Soldering Iron

Not all hot air stations are the same...

There are many 'clones' of this unit on the market. Having tested a number of them, we know that what is inside is not always the same. That means that performance will not always be the same. Having evaluated this unit, we made the decision to stock it because it provides a good mid-market hot air and iron combo at a very reasonable price point.

Not all companies selling items like this are the same...

At Circuit Specialists, we pride ourselves on the quality of the units that we stock, and the service that we provide.

Where possible, we ensure that we stock a variety of components, peripherals and sundries.

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The ATTEN 8586 provides excellent performance for the electronic hobbyist or small repair facility while boasting a superior build quality.

An easy to read display fronts this microprocessor controlled system. The controller section is ruggedly constructed and uses SMT production methods on the main circuit boards. 

We stock soldering tips, hot air nozzles and spare parts for this unit:

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A top price/performance rework station for light to medium duty situations. The heat gun is also useful for heat shrink tubing.

The Atten 8586 is a small footprint hot air and soldering iron system,- ideal if space on the bench is at a premium.


Technical Specifications for ATTEN 8586 rework station:

  • Input Voltage: 220-240VAC +/-10%, 60 Hz
  • Power Consumption: 750 watts max
  • Hot Air Section: 700 watt power consumption max
  • Soldering Iron: 50 watts power consumption max
  • Temperature Range  Hot Air:100 degrees C to 500 degres C (212 degrees F to 932 degrees F)
  • Temperature Range Soldering Iron: 200 degrees C to 480 degrees C (392 degrees F to 896 degrees F)
  • Air Volume: 120L/minute (Max)
  • Includes 5mm, 10mm & 13mm nozzles.
  • Temp stability +/- 2% in static mode
  • Ground Impedance (soldering Iron) < 2Ω
  • Ground Voltage (soldering iron) < 2 mV
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