BK 5000 BlackJack SolderWerks hot air station soldering iron

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CSE-BK 5000
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BlackJack SolderWerks BK 5000

Multi-function soldering and hot air solution in a space-saving design.
The handy mechanical arm provides for more efficient use of the hot air gun.

The BK5000 from BlackJack SolderWerks provides a very convenient combination of hot air and soldering in one compact package. The hot air gun is equipped with a hot air protection system which provides

1) system cool-down

2) overheat protection

The system cool-down feature removes the residual heat from the nozzle after the hot air function is switched off. This will cool the nozzle more rapidly & extend the life of the heating element.  The overheat protect feature effectively shuts off power to the heater when an overheat in the middle of the handle has been detected. The hot air gun is designed to use different SMD nozzles for various SMD applications. The soldering iron incorporates a replaceable tip design & uses the same series of tips that are compatible with BlackJack model BK2000+ and the BK 2050+.

NB.: Please note that this unit features analogue controls with indication LEDs - it does not have a digital readout.
The BK5000 system ships with a very handy mechanical arm which allows the user to manipulate the circuit board using both hands with the hot air gun mounted in the mechanical arm.  Installation of the mechanical arm is simple. The BK5000 functions with or without using the mechanical arm feature.
  • Ideal for use in a variety of soldering applications such as use by hobbyists, repair of electric appliances, mobile phone repairs, laptop repairs and many more.
  • Simple and easy to use procedure requires no special skills.
  • ESD design with grounding measures.

Power Input :

188mm (w) x 126mm (h) x250mm (d) 
Power Consumption:
Temperature Range:
200 - 480 degrees Celsius
Heating Element with Tip:
Ceramic Heater
Output Voltage:
Tip to Ground Resistance:
Below 2 ohms
Tip to Ground Potential:
Below 2mV
Power Consumption:
500W peak
Temperature Range:
100 - 500 degrees Celsius
Heating Element
Metal Heating Core
Nozzle to Ground Resistance:
Below 2 ohms
Pump/Motor Type:
Diaphragm Pump
Air Capacity:
23 L /min (max)
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