BK 5050 BlackJack hot air rework digital station 70W iron

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CSE-BK 5050
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BK 5050

Hot air rework station with 70W Iron and Digital Display

Includes 4 x Straight Single Nozzles (pictured)

The BlackJack BK5050 Repairing System is a multi-purpose reworking station that incorporates a hot air gun and a 70 watt soldering iron.

The hot-air gun is equipped with our BlackJack Solderwerks hot-air TRIPLE PROTECTION SYSTEM which provides (1) System Cool Down, (2) Auto System Sleep, and (3) Overheat Protection.

The system cool down feature removes the residual heat from the nozzle of the hot air gun after the hot-air function is switched off. This feature cools the nozzle rapidly & preserves the life of the heating element. The Auto System Sleep feature puts the hot air gun into sleep mode when the hot air gun has been left unattended while the Overheat Protection feature effectively shuts off power to the heater when an overheat in the hot air gun handle has been detected.

The soldering iron is a robust 70 watt iron implementing a high powered ceramic heating element. This soldering iron is suitable for use with regular lead solder AND with the new RoHS compliant lead free solder.

A wide variety of replacement tips are available. The compatible tips are listed in the soldering tips section of our shop. They are the tips listed as 'standard tips' with the KD-M- prefix.

Additionally, the BK5050 incorporates a includes a handy mechanical arm for easy use of the hot-air gun and an led display that displays the temperature of the hot air gun as well as the air pressure.

The BK5050 from *BlackJack Solderwerks is a powerful and versatile repair system at a very affordable cost.

Fully Adjustable with Digital Display & Mechanical Arm


  • Station Dimensions: 188(w) x 126(h) x 250(d) mm
  • Hot Air Gun
    • Power consumption: 500W peak
    • Temperature range: 100degreesC ~ 480degreesC
    • Heating element: Metal Heating Core
    • Pump Type & Capacity: Diaphragm Pump, 23L/min. (max)
  • Soldering Iron
    • Temperature range:200degreesC~480degreesC
    • Heating Element / Power: Ceramic Heater/ 75W
    • Iron Voltage: 24V

*BlackJack SolderWerks is a Circuit Specialists brand.

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