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BK 6000 Deluxe Hot Air Rework System with Iron and Desoldering Pistol

This unit has now been Superseded by our new BK 8000 rework system - click here for details


BK 6000 Deluxe Desoldering & Hot Air Rework System

The all-in-one soldering / desoldering solution

The BlackJack SolderWerks BK6000 Repairing System is one of our best selling units.
The extruded aluminium casing gives this unit a quality look and feel.
Great value for money, it comes with all accessories pictured.

It is a digital multi-purpose reworking system that incorporates a temperature and airflow controlled hot air gun, a 70 Watt soldering iron (with fume extractor) and a very handy through hole desoldering pistol.
The hot air gun is equipped with a triple protection system which provides

  1. System cooldown 
  2. Automatic system sleep mode
  3. Overheat protection

System cooldown removes residual heat from the hot air gun nozzle when the hot air function is switched off.
The nozzle cools quicker. The life of the heating element is prolonged.
Overheat protection mode incorporates a thermal fuse in the handle of the hot air gun that unlatches when any overheating is detected.
The fuse re-latches after the gun has cooled down.

Auto sleep function puts the hot air gun into sleep mode after a period of being idle (user definable from 1 to 20 minutes) while the hot air gun is in the cradle. When the user picks up the gun, the system will revert back to the settings in use prior to the period of non use.

The soldering iron is a powerful 70W system (NB: it will work well with standard leaded solder as well as with lead free solder).

We stock a full range of cartridge style tips that are compatible with the BK 6000.

See our soldering tips section - any of the 'cartridge style' tips (with the LF- or WQ- prefix) are compatible.

Fast heat up & recovery ensures quick & easy soldering at any temperature setting.
In cases where the tip temperature needs to be calibrated the user can easily adjust the settings to account for larger or smaller tips.
With a few pushes of front panel buttons, the digital offset feature enables quick adjustments in the calibration settings.

The iron also incorporates an auto-sleep function. This turns the iron off when no user activity is detected.
This feature is optional, so may be set as active or inactive.
Also part of the soldering iron is an integrated fume absorber.

The suction-activated desoldering pistol provides the operator with a comprehensive system to make rework and repair easier and more efficient.

The pistol features a heated tip, which has a passageway through the centre.
Once the heated tip melts the solder, the user simply pulls the trigger on the front of the pistol to activate the vacuum suction pump.
The molten solder is then sucked up and stored in the spring filter in the handle of the pistol where it can be removed later.
This accessory allows the desoldering of multiple through hole components quickly and effectively.
The unit comes with all the tools you will need to clean and maintain the pistol. We also stock spare parts and even complete replacement pistols, providing you with peace of mind for any future requirements.
A handy mechanical arm is included with the BK6000.
Easy to install, it is used with the hot air gun to provide an "extra hand" for the operator.
* optional - the system is fully functional without it.


  • All in One system.
  • Combines the function of a hot air gun, a soldering iron and a desoldering gun
  • Microprocessor controlled ESD safe unit.
  • Desoldering tool with zero crossing circuitry for through hole components.
  • 70W soldering iron with easy-change cartridge style tips.
  • Integrated smoke absorber with active carbon filter.
  • User configurable 1 to 20 minute idle-to-auto stand-by mode (5 minutes is default) for additional protection and energy efficiency.
  • Built-in auto-cooling process to protect and prolong life expectancy of the heating element.
  • Built-in auto-sleep mode for soldering iron and desoldering gun.
  • A full compliment of nozzles & tips are available 
  • One spare heating element supplied with the unit.
  • We also stock replacement heatign elements, as well as many other spares and accessories.


Main Station 

  • Power Input: 220V
  • Plug: UK 3-pin plug (EU adapter supplied with continental European orders)
  • Dimensions: 188mm(w) x 126mm(h) x 250mm(d)

Soldering Iron

  • Power Consumption: 70W
  • Temperature Range: 200degreesC-480degreesC (392degreesF-896degreesF)
  • Heating Element: Ceramic Heater
  • Output Voltage: 24V
  • Tip included: LF-2B (0.5mm Conical) cartridge style solder iron tip

Hot Air Gun

  • Power Consumption: 500W peak
  • Temperature Range: 100degreesC-480degreesC
  • Heating Element: Metal Heating Core
  • Pump/Motor Type: Diaphram Pump
  • Air Capacity: 23l/min (max)

Hot Air Nozzles Included

  • TBGA-M (12 x 12mm BGA)
  • A1124 (2.5mm Straight Single)
  • A1130 (4.4mm Straight Single)
  • A1197 (9.0mm Straight Single)
  • A1313 (12 x 12mm BGA)
  • A1919 (18 x 18mm BGA)

Desoldering Pistol

  • Temperature Range: 200degreesC - 480degreesC
  • Heating Element: Ceramic Heater
  • Output Voltage: 36V
  • Suction Flow: 15l/min (max)
  • Vacuum Generator: Vacuum Pump
  • Vacuum Pressure: 600mm Hg
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