BK 7050 BlackJack large preheating station with adjustable arm

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CSE-BK 7050
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BK 7050 Infrared Preheater

A larger-sized pre-heating system, accommodating most board types

* Built-in adjustable stand / holder for hot air / IR gun *

Designed for Board Rework;

  • Games Consoles
  • Motherboards
  • BGA, QFP rework, etc.

The BK7050 from BlackJack SolderWerks uses a highly efficient Quartz infra-red heater system that provides fast heat up and utilizes a feedback control circuit to optimize the PCB pre-heat operation.

It is designed to aid the reworking operation for large or multilayer PCBs ( such as game consoles and motherboards) that use either traditional or lead free solder.

The system has three modes of operation.

  • Type 0: for single temperature heating using an internal temperature sensor.
  • Type 1: for more precise temperature control using the supplied external temperature probes.
  • Type 2: for a fully automated time and temperature based profile mode.



  • Microprocessor-controlled closed loop system. Sensors can be attached to specific points on the board for more accurate temperature feedback

  • Triple sensor system enables user to monitor both the top & the bottom board temperature while simultaneously adjusting the internal heater temperature.

  • ESD safe

  • Multi-point board holder. The adjustable board holder effectively minimizes board warping on larger sized boards

  • 300 x 300 mm effective preheating area.

  • Two external temperature monitoring probes for accurate temperature monitoring and control at specific points on the board.

  • Programmable 6 segment reworking profile. Set and store the desired duration and temperatures to ensure high success rates for repetitive reworks

  • Built in adjustable hot-air or IR heating gun holder compatible with all BK & CSI series hot air stations as well as most industry standard hot air / IR systems

  • Software controlled pre-set temperature limits and shut-down feature to protect against overheat and operator processing errors

  • Note: Hot Air gun shown but not included.


  • Power Input: 220VAC
  • Dimensions: 445mm (L) x 365mm (W) x 114mm (H)
  • Power Consumption: 1500Watts (Maximum)
  • Temperature Range: 50 deg C- 400deg C (max)
  • Heating Element Type: Quartz Infra Red
  • Preheating area: 300mm x 300mm (approx 12” x 12”)
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