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  • AARDVARK Borescopes

    AARDVARK Borescopes - image quality deteriorates If the image on the monitor appears grainy and is not as clear as it used to be, the batteries in the handle are running low and need to be replaced.
  • Enclosed Switching Power Supplies - Overview

    Enclosed Switching Power Supplies

    Generally speaking, if there is a green LED displayed, the unit is working correctly.

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  • Best Practice - Desoldering Pistol

    Best practice for using a through hole desoldering pistol

    A number of our desoldering stations in the CSI and BlackJack SolderWerks ranges offer the functionality of a desoldering pistol. Often used for making the process of DC jack removal quick and easy, here are a few tips to ensure that you get optimum performance during your work:

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  • Checking the element in a cartridge style soldering tip (items with WQ- or LF- prefix)

    The heating elements housed inside the cartridge style tips have a lifespan. After a period of use, they will eventually expire and require replacement.

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  • BK 6000 - both the iron AND desoldering pistol have stopped heating

    If both the iron and desoldering pistol have stopped heating, then it is almost certainly the protection fuse on the main board at the rear of the unit that has blown. It's a normal 5A glass fuse that clips out / in. The main board is fastened to the rear...

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