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  • Tips for Selecting a Soldering Iron

    When looking for the right soldering iron you can be faced with a number of options.

    There is a vast range of soldering irons on the market, occurring a variety of different sizes and shapes. When choosing a soldering iron you should take into account the project you are planning as well as how often you are planning on using it.

    Below you will find a guide to choosing the right soldering iron for project in electronics.

    When you’re selecting a soldering iron, we believe that the three most important considerations are: Continue reading

  • Why Buy Electronic Equipment Online?

    When it comes to buying electronic equipment, buying online is a simple way to get everything you need for the best price possible.

    We are aware that customers now have more choice online than ever, so we strive to provide the best quality service and support available, so next time you are shopping online with us you won’t be disappointed. Continue reading

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