3D Printer Filaments – Buyers Guide

3D Printing Filament is the blood of your printer. In this article we will share with you some of our insights on plastic filament and what to look for when buying plastic for your printer.


We stock 18 vivid colours ranging from basic Blue, Red and Green to unique shades such as Light Skin, Metallic Gold, to Glow in the Dark. Selecting colours is entirely down to your personal taste and what kind of items you think you will be printing, however we suggest that white and translucent filaments are both good to have in stock. 


3D Printer Filament comes in a two common diameters – either 1.75mm or 3.0mm. It is likely that your 3D Printer will use one of these, but you will need to check which one before you buy. Whether you have a 3mm or 1.75mm extruder, we stock both diameters of filament.

Spool Size

We conveniently stock small spool sizes which allows you to experiment with different colours and sizes without spending a fortune. Choose from a 0.25kg or 0.50kg spool.


We are proud to be a distributor of 3D Printer Filament for MG Chemicals in the UK and Europe. Quality, performance and integrity are key to the MG brand and their associated products. All items listed are available for same day dispatch from our warehouse here in the UK.


ABS (Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene) and PLA (Polylactic Acid) are the most common types of plastic you will find in 3D Printing.

ABS is petroleum based and tends to be impact resistant, flexible and tough, although it has a strong, toxic smell when being printed.

PLA is lighter on the environment as it is derived from plant starch, and gives off a sweet, sugary smell when it is being printed. Its strength is relatively equal to ABS although it can be more brittle.

Both PLA and ABS are great and popular plastics to work with and you can make amazing things with both. The key is to try both materials and get a feel for what works best for you.

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