• 10094 or 20094 heating element test

    220-240V Heating Element Test Procedure. Heating element test -use an ohmmeter to check heater resistance, Resistance values should be around 90 ohms. Sensor test— use an ohmmeter to check sensor resistance, resistance value at room temperature should be around 1 ohms. Sensor is polarity sensitive, red wire for positive probe...
  • 3D Printer Filaments – Buyers Guide

    3D Printing Filament is the blood of your printer. In this article we will share with you some of our insights on plastic filament and what to look for when buying plastic for your printer.


    We stock 18 vivid colours ranging from basic Blue, Red and Green to unique shades such as Light Skin, Metallic Gold, to Glow in the Dark. Selecting colours is entirely down to your personal taste and what kind of items you think you will be printing, however we suggest that white and translucent filaments are both good to have in stock.  Continue reading

  • How To Clean & Maintain Your Iron

    The following guide will advise you on how to care properly for your soldering iron, offerings tips on the best ways to clean and maintain your iron.

    Taking good care of your iron is very simple and can be done quickly with little fuss.


    A clean, well-maintained soldering iron will result in a longer iron life and a cleaner solder. Cleaning your tips will ensure that any accumulated oxides, dust and dirt are removed, andtaking good care of your iron will ensure years of flawless service. Continue reading

  • Safety Tips When Soldering

    If you’re tackling an electronics project, you’re tackling soldering as well and done improperly, soldering can be extremely dangerous. Continue reading

  • Improve Your Soldering Technique

    Soldering is defined as "the joining of metals by a fusion of alloys, which have relatively low melting points". In other words, you use a metal that has a low melting point to adhere the surfaces to be soldered together. It is the only way to fix components to a circuit. Continue reading

  • Checking the element in a cartridge style soldering tip (items with WQ- or LF- prefix)

    The heating elements housed inside the cartridge style tips have a lifespan. After a period of use, they will eventually expire and require replacement.

    Continue reading

  • BK 6000 - both the iron AND desoldering pistol have stopped heating

    If both the iron and desoldering pistol have stopped heating, then it is almost certainly the protection fuse on the main board at the rear of the unit that has blown. It's a normal 5A glass fuse that clips out / in. The main board is fastened to the rear...
  • How wide is the connection to the hot air gun?

    How wide is the nozzle at connection to the hot air gun? The inner diameter of the nozzle where it connects to the air gun is 22mm.  
  • Problem With Airflow or Noisy Compressor

    Ensure shipping screw has been removed from base of unit and that the tube for the vacuum suction pickup wand is fully unpacked and extended. The vacuum suction wand acts as an inlet for the hot air gun.

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