Controlling Voltage and Current with our Adjustable DC Output Power Supplies

'...Can't see the Amps moving when you turn the Current control dials?... don't worry! - if you haven't connected a Load, there's nothing wrong with the unit...'

Adjustable Current and Voltage settings - DC output supplies

We've had enough questions now to warrant posting an item here in which we'll clarify how the Voltage adjust and Current adjust dials are used on some of our DC Adjustable Output Bench Power Supplies.

The Voltage dials can be adjusted even without a Load connected to the supply. You will be able to see the Voltage value move when the dials are turned.

The Current dials work a little differently, in that you WILL NOT see the Amps display change when there is no load connected to the supply. The reason for this is that Current is ONLY drawn when a Load is present.

So, whilst the Voltage dial is something you can set irrespective of whether a Load is present or not, the Current adjust dial is more of a LIMIT that you can set to control the level of Amps drawn by any Load.

With the Load connected, you will see that you can control the Current drawn with the respective dials.

Please note that it is not possible to control both Current and Voltage at the same time. The unit defualts to Constant Voltage mode (provided that the current dials are not turned all the way down). This allows the user to adjust the Voltage as required until either the Current limit of the unit is reached, or the user defined Current limit is reached.When either limit is reached, the unit will change to Constant Current mode. The unit then regulates the Voltage output in line with the Current limit.

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