Tips for Selecting a Soldering Iron

When looking for the right soldering iron you can be faced with a number of options.

There is a vast range of soldering irons on the market, occurring a variety of different sizes and shapes. When choosing a soldering iron you should take into account the project you are planning as well as how often you are planning on using it.

Below you will find a guide to choosing the right soldering iron for project in electronics.

When you’re selecting a soldering iron, we believe that the three most important considerations are:

  • Temperature
  • Wattage
  • The soldering iron tip


The wattage is possibly the most important thing to consider when choosing a soldering iron. Typical irons are around 15-25 watts. The higher wattage your iron, the better suited it will be to heavy-duty products.

Higher wattage does not mean that the iron will apply more heat, but will produce more power, allowing them to stay heated for longer.

12-20 watt soldering irons are optimal for electronics projects. 


Most soldering irons have 3 basic temperature controls

  1. No temperature control – These are basic irons which are usually the least expensive to buy. Ideal for ‘plug in and go’ household projects but not so great for electronics.
  2. Temperature controlled irons – These irons allow you to maintain a certain temperature while soldering.
  3. Soldering stations – Ideal if you are looking for precision and control. Designed with professional use in mind, soldering stations offer digital temperature readouts, adjustable soldering iron temperature, and a number of other features. 


Keep in mind that most soldering irons have interchangeable tips, allowing you to swap the tip for one that is most suitable for your specific project.

Generally speaking you should select a ‘pencil style’ tip for delicate electronics projects. These thin-barrelled tips allow for fine control in tight spaces.

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