CSI 618 stand with adjustable hot air gun holder and PCB work platform

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CSI 618 Versatile Working Platform for Hot Air Gun

What it is

The CSI 618 from Circuit Specialists is a versatile stand for holding your hot air gun. Offering a large 10” x 14” (25.4 cm x 35.6cm) working space to hold your project and a vertical holder to place your heat source, it's a great addition to your workbench.

There is 12” (30cm) of total vertical height adjustment. Once the head is locked in place, it can be fine adjusted up to 4” (10.2cm). Simply rotate the fine adjustment wheel for precise up and down movement.

What it does

This unit helps when you have a difficult rework or solder project that requires you to hold a hot air gun stable at a precise distance. It leaves a your hands free to work with your project without worrying about holding the heat source steady. This unit will allow you to apply a constant heat source in one location.

By being able to direct the heat with more precision, your soldering jobs will come out much cleaner!


The CSI 618 is designed to hold the hot air guns on the following hot air rework units that we stock. 

  • CSI 825A++
  • CSI 906
  • BK 4050
  • BK 5000
  • BK 5050
  • BK 6000

See side panel for these items.

The unit will also work with other units from other manufacturers as long as the heat gun is similar in design to that found on the above units.

Contact us if you have any questions regarding compatibility.


  • Guide Rails included - cross-bar design
  • Platform: 10.0” x 14.0” (25.4 cm x 35.6cm)
  • Overall Height Adjustment Range: 12.0” (30cm)
  • Fine Height Adjustment Range: 4.0” (10.2cm)

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