CSI 825A++ desoldering & hot air rework station with vacuum pickup tool

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A great value hot air rework repair station with spare element included! Digital display and push button controls for airflow and air temperature.


CSI 825A++

ESD Safe, CPU Controlled Hot Air Rework Station

  • Includes a Spare Heating Element

  • Microprocessor Controlled Desoldering Station

  • High quality diaphragm pump (not a rotary fan as found on many cheaper models)

  • Vacuum pick-up wand attachment

  • Temperature sleep mode

  • Includes 4 straight single hot air nozzles and a mini pry-bar for lifting ICs

  • Suction wand comes with 4 different rubber pickup pads for various IC sizes


The CSI 825A++ is a digital hot air rework station designed for assembly and repair.

The unit allows the user to control hot air flow and hot air temperature at the push of a button.

It comes with a 12 month UK warranty.

The quality diaphragm pump generates a stream of hot air up to 23 litres / minute and at a temperature range of 100°C to 480°C (212°F to 896°F). It is capable of reaching temperatures high enough for the reflow of lead free and leaded solder alike. In some instances where the application involves particularly large ICs or a highly heat-conductive board, it may be necessary to add a preheater such as our CSI 853A or one of our BK 7000 or BK 7050 units. 

The profile (heat and airflow settings) required to rework any given chip can vary. We always recommend that the user practice on a dead board to assess the optimum heat / airflow settings for the specific application.

Where a concentration of air is required, we stock a range of BGA, QFP, PLCC, SOP, and SIP nozzles to help direct the air to where it is needed. 

Temperature Sleep Mode

After 15 minutes of inactivity with the air handle on the rest, the unit will enter a sleep mode. Simply lifting the hot air wand from the holder will wake the unit and return the unit to the previously set profile. 

The vacuum suction wand uses the air inflow to provide the user with an option to place ICs without the need to touch them. Air is drawn in through the vacuum suction wand and driven out through the hot air wand. There is a small hole on the side of the vacuum suction wand. When covered with a finger the user can create a temporary vacuum which allows the suction wand to pick up a component. When the finger is released, so is the vacuum and therefore the component.

The unit relies on the inflow of air through the vacuum suction wand, so when the user is not placing ICs, the inflow of air should not be obstructed. The user can, if preferred, remove the vacuum suction pickup wand from the front of the unit to prevent any disruption to air intake.


Compatible with all of the hot air nozzles that we stock. See the side panel of this page for details.

The unit comes with a heating element in situ in the hot air wand. We also include 1 spare heating element (reference number 20094).

What's in the Box?

  • 1 x CSI 825A++ Hot Air Rework Station
  • 1 x Spare Heating Element
  • 4 x Hot Air Nozzles
  • 1 x Mini pry bar
  • 1 x Suction wand for lifting ICs
  • 4 x Pads for suction wand
  • 1 x User Manual
  • 1 x UK Power Lead (EU adapters included FOC with continental European orders)

Includes the following Hot Air Nozzles

  • 2.5mm nozzle straight single, item A1124
  • 4.4mm nozzle straight single, item A1130
  • 8mm nozzle straight single, item A1196
  • 10mm nozzle straight single, item A1197 
  • Other nozzles available in the side panel


  • CPU Controlled Built-in Vacuum System
  • 15-Minute Standby temperature "sleep" mode


  • Power Input: 220-240V / 50Hz
  • Power Consumption: 500W (max)
  • Pump Type: Diaphragm
  • Special purpose Lathe Pump
  • Temperature Range: 100°C to 480°C / 212°F to 896°F
  • Max Air Flow: 23 l/min

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VIDEO - CSI 825A++ Hot Air Gun Heating Element Replacement

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Soldering Station Function Hot Air & Suction Pickup

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