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Circuit Specialists 60 Volt, 10 Amp DC Linear Power Supply

The CSI6010X is a fully regulated benchtop linear power supply with adjustable current limiting.

The CSI6010X is a an affordable, powerful benchtop linear power supply.

For applications that require substantial power this unit can deliver up to 60 volts and 10 amps, and can be preset to any combination of the two. Power levels are displayed on a large, clear LED display that shows both voltage & current. The current output can be preset by the user via a front panel screwdriver adjustment screw while the voltage is adjustable by a front panel multi-turn knob for precise voltage settings. Output is via a pair of front panel banana jacks, additionally there is a covered terminal strip for remote voltmeter sensing at the load. This bench power supply provides precise power output in a compact, affordable package.

CSI 6010X Power Supply Specifications

  • Utilizes SMD technology
  • Pre-settable voltage & current levels
  • Front panel on/off switch
  • Large LED readout for voltage & current
  • S+ & S- sampling terminals
  • Voltage 0-60 VDC
  • Current 0-10 amps
  • Ripple & noise
  • CV 3mV rms
  • CC 5mA rms
  • Input voltage: 220-240V AC 60Hz
  • Dimensions (mm): 265 x 140 x 360
  • Weight 17kg
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