MG Chemicals 9460-10ML One Part Thermally Conductive Adhesive Low Tg

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MG Chemcials Thermally Conductive One-Part Adhesive

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MG product Code: 9460-10ML

Adhesion—9460 epoxy adheres to most plastics and metals used to house printed circuit assemblies; however, it is not compatible with contaminants like water, oil, or greasy flux residues that may affect adhesion. If contamination is present, first clean the surface to be coated with MG Chemicals 824 Isopropyl Alcohol.

For substrates with weak adhesion strength, surface preparation (such as sanding, or precoating with a suitable primer) may improve adhesion.
Chemical—The cured epoxy adhesive is inert under normal conditions. It can tolerate shortterm exposure to fuels or similar non-polar organic solvents, but it may not be suitable for prolonged exposure. Avoid using with strong acids, strong bases, or strong oxidizers. 

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