Set of 8 SOP Nozzles (SOP SET)

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SAVE £££ over purchasing the individual nozzles

The SOP SET consists of 8 popular SOP NOZZLES.

Purchase the entire set & save £££ over purchasing each individual nozzle separately plus you will have a nice handy storage organizer.

The SOP set consists of the following nozzles:

A1131.....4.4mm x 10mm SOP Nozzle

A1132....5.6 x 13mm SOP Nozzle

A1133....7.5 x 15mm SOP ozzle

A1134....7.5 x 18mm SOP Nozzle

A1257...11x21mm SOP Nozzle

A1258....7.6 x 12.7mm SOP Nozzle

A1259.....13 x 28mm SOP Nozzle

A1260....8.6 x 18mm SOP Nozzle


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