Set of 9 PLCC Nozzles for hot air rework (PLCC SET)

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This set consists of 9 popular PLCC style nozzles that fit our standard hot air guns (CSI brand and BlackJack SolderWerks brand) . The set comes in a heavy gauge cardboard organizer . The nozzles included are:

A1135....17.5 mm x 17.5mm (44 pin devices)

A1136....20mm x 20mm (52 pin devices

A1137....25mm x 25mm (68 pin devices)

A1138....30mm x 30mm (84 pin devices)

A1139....7.3mm x 12.5mm (18 pin devices)

A1140....11.5mm x 11.5mm (28 pin devoices)

A1141....11.5mm x 14mm (32 pin devices)

A1188.....9mm x 9mm (20 pin devices)

A1189....34mm x 34mm (100 pin devices)

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