Soldering Tips

Soldering Tips

A wide selection of high quality soldering tips for the professional or hobbyist.
Choose from our range of sheath-style tips for standard soldering, or our cartridge style tips with in-built elements compatible with lead-free AND standard soldering applications

Soldering Tips

What’s the Difference between Standard Soldering Tips and Cartridge Style Tips?

Standard sheath-style tips are of hollow design and are designed to fit over the heating element in the iron handle. The cavity is approx. 6mm in diameter.

Cartridge Style tips contain an element and are a completely different design to the standard tip. They are not interchangeable in the irons, as the iron handles are a completely different design. Similarly, the soldering stations that run the irons are differently configured, so if a unit is designed to work with one type of tip category, the unit cannot be used with the other.

Standard Style tips are cheaper as they rely on the element in the handle for the heat.

Cartridge Style tips are more expensive, due to the fact that each tip contains an element. These bar-shaped tips fit inside the iron handle, the contacts on the shaft making a connection with the 3 spring contacts inside the iron handle. They heat incredibly quickly and the heat recovery is almost instant. Whilst more expensive, these tips also lend themselves to what is known as 'hot-swapping', a practice whereby tips can be changed very quickly without having to wait for the iron to cool. A rubber heat-resistant pad is supplied with our units to help remove hot tips if required.

What's the finest tip you stock?

In the Standard Tip (KD-M-) range, it's the KD-M-LB

In the Cartridge Style (LF- or WQ-) range, it's the LF-LI

WQ- and LF- Prefixes for Cartridge Style Soldering Tips

With regard to our cartridge style soldering tips, the prefixes WQ- and LF- are interchangeable. They are the same item, so if you have been using items marked with LF- and then order an item which arrives marked with a WQ- prefix, please rest assured that it will work with your unit.

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