MG Chemicals 8342 RA Rosin Flux Paste 50g Size

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50g Size MG Chemicals RA Rosin Flux Paste - 8342-50G

MG Chemicals Part No. 8342-50G

The 8342 RA Rosin Flux Paste is a superior, electronic grade flux paste that makes surface-mount, electrical, and electronics soldering faster and easier. It is designed for lead-free alloys and also works well with conventional leaded solders. It is easy to apply and stays where it is applied. Residues are easy to clean and does not contain zinc chloride or ammonium chloride.

Applications and Uses

  • Works well with Leaded or Lead free solders
  • Solder touch up
  • Surface mount assemblies rework or repair
  • Can be applied by dipping or brush / cotton swab spreading


  • Uses Premium Grade RA Flux
  • Excellent wettability
  • High tack force
  • Long tack time
  • Zinc Chloride or Ammonium Chloride FREE
  • Residue can easily be removed with Cat. #824 Isopropyl Alcohol or Cat. #4140 Flux Remover
  • Complies with IPC ANSI-J-STD-004 ROH1
  • RoHS compliant

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