Hantek Digital Storage Oscilloscopes

(scope, DSO, CRO, or o-scope)

An oscilloscope is an electronic test instrument generally used to observe fluctuating signal voltages. Data is shown on a two-dimensional graph, using an X and Y axis. These instruments are mostly used to observe the exact wave shape of an electrical signal.

These diagnostic tools can be used in the basic maintenance of electronic and laboratory instruments. 

Other oscilloscopes may be used in vehicles to test the ignition system reporting the results by registering a waveform.

A basic oscilloscope consists of four primary sections: - The Display, Vertical Control, Horizontal Control, Trigger Control

The vertical section of the instrument controls the amplitude of the displayed signal. The horizontal section of the device is for time based sweeps of the instrument. Finally the trigger is used to start the event of the sweep.

An oscilloscope will show the amplitude of the signal, the distortion between two events and the relative timing of two signals.

The screen types are usually CRT or LCD and are fitted with horizontal and vertical reference lines (the graticule).

In Europe, we carry the following (see below for full product details):

Bench top oscilloscopes:- The Hantek DSO 5062B,  The Hantek DSO 5102B, The Hantek 5202B
Handheld Oscilloscopes: - The Hantek DSO 1060,  The Hantek DSO 8060

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