BlackJack SolderWerks

BlackJack SolderWerks

We Stock a Range of BlackJack SolderWerks Soldering Stations & Accessories

Rugged Design at an Affordable Price

BlackJack SolderWerks from Circuit Specialists is the industry cost / performance leader and continues our reputation of providing high value soldering stations, desoldering stations and other products to our customers. 

The BlackJack series features upgraded designs with exciting new features to make for simple soldering & re-work. Each case is fabricated from beautiful extruded aluminium, providing an advanced high tech look not previously available in this price range.

  • If you need to work with lead free solder, we can provide a solution.
  • If you need to work with hot air, we can provide a solution.
  • If you need a low cost basic function soldering station, we can provide a solution.
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