BK 3000 MultiPro BlackJack SolderWerks 75W professional digital solder station

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CSE-BK 3000 MultiPro
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BK 3000-MULTIPRO Soldering Station
Compatible with standard and Lead Free Solder

Featuring Micro- and Macro Tweezer Options (see related items)

This unit is Compatible with BOTH our KD-M- range of tips AND our WQ- range of tips (NB: B034-P iron required for cartridge tips)!

The unit comes with an iron handle that accepts the KD-M- range of tips (B028).

Add the B034-P to be able to use WQ- cartridge style tips on the SAME base unit!

The BK3000MultiPro Professional Soldering Station is a multi-tool capable 75 Watt soldering station that can be equipped with a veriaty of tools.
It comes standard with the soldering iron handle and optional tools are available (not included in base unit) including hot tweezers, a sculpting tool, a T-Series soldering iron. Each tool is intelligently recognized by the station and is quickly set to the appropriate settings for the tool. All tools feature a ceramic heater for fast response and heat recovery.

The BK3000 MulitPro is a compact unit designed to be used with lead free solder that provides reliable performance featuring microprocessor control and digital LED temperature display.

Temperature is set by pushing independent "+" or "-" buttons and the set temperature is displayed via numeric LED.
The default temperature (200 deg F) setting can be quickly accessed by pushing the "X"button and if the user depresses all three buttons simultaneously, the LED display will change modes and display the actual temperature at the tip of the soldering iron.
When the set temperature has been reached, the BK3000 MultiPro will produce a short beep informing the user that soldering can commence.

The chassis is manufactured with extruded aluminium, providing the high-tech look that is consistent throughout the BlackJack SolderWerks series of soldering and rework systems.
The BK3000 MultiPro features a grounded tip for protection against electrostatic discharge.
The unit comes with a soft comfort grip pencil iron and a rugged detached aluminium iron holder for more convenient operation.
The unit is calibrated at the factory but there is a convenient calibration port on the front panel for users that desire to recalibrate or check calibration.

The main advantage of this soldering sttaion over other non-Multipro soldering sttaions that we stock is it's ability to run many different peripherals.

The BK 3000MultiPro is supplied with an iron that runs our KD-M- range of soldering tips.

- adding the B034-P enables the user to run all of our WQ- (LF-) series of soldering tips (see Cartridge Style Soldering Tips). 

- adding a micro-tweezer allows the user to use any of our MT- range of micro tweezer tips. 

- adding a macro-tweezer allows the user to use any of our TT- range of macro Tweezer tips 

- we also stock spare B028 (soldering iron for the KD-M- tips) 

See related items for all of the above. Any items listed below are compatible with the main unit. 

NB: Please note that to use the cartridge style tips, you must first purchase a B034-P iron handle

The cartridge style tips contain the element within the tip itself, delivering the heat even quicker and benefiting from a lower recovery time.

Microprocessor controlled, with touch-type temperature adjustment.
Has excellent thermal recovery allowing lead-free soldering without a large increase in tip temperature.
Utilizes integrated ceramic heater, sensor, and tip design for effortless replacement of tip cartridges.
Provides 24V output to soldering wand that assures effectiveness and safety.
Has variable temperature setting range from 200-480 degrees Celsius shown on the digital temperature display.
Auto shut-off option after 30 minutes of idle time. This feature can be set as active or inactive.
75 watt large heat capacity allows faster temperature recovery during heavy soldering.
Numeric LED to display set temperature or actual tip temperature.
Temperature Stable Ceramic element
KD-M-1 (0.5mm Conical) Iron Tip included
Easy to Replace Soldering Iron (not hard wired)
Grounded Tip & Barrel to prevent ESD damage
Iron Holder is Detached, Rugged aluminium construction
Fused AC input
Non skid rubber feet on base

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