BK 4050 BlackJack SolderWerks hot air station spare heating element and mechanical arm

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CSE-BK 4050
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BlackJack SolderWerks BK 4050

+++ Now includes a spare heating element +++

Deluxe Hot Air System with Vacuum I.C. Handler & Mechanical Arm

The BlackJack SolderWerks BK 4050 is designed for easy repair of surface mount devices. Include

With an extruded aluminium casing, the BK 4050 deluxe rework system delivers a quality look and feel at a very reasonable price.
Digital display and tactile buttons allow easy operation and adjustment.

The unit includes a hot air gun and a vacuum style IC handler to make handling small and sensitive devices more efficient & safe.
The handy mini pry bar which is also included to help with the removal of small chips. 

The BK 4050 incorporates a hot air triple protection system:

  1. System cooldown
  2. Auto-sleep function
  3. Overheat protection
The system cooldown feature removes the residual heat from the nozzle when the hot-airfunction is switched off.
This allows the nozzle to cool more rapidly, thus prolonging the life of the heating element.

The auto-sleep function puts the hot air gun into sleep mode after the hot air gun has been left unused in its dock for a user defined period of time (5 minutes is the default setting. Periods of 1 to 20 minutes can be set by the user if desired).
When the operator picks up the hot air gun, the system will automatically revert to the previous settings.

The overheat protection offers automatic protection in case overheating is detected in the handle.
There is a built-in heat sentsitive fuse that unlatches when any sign of overheating is detected.
The fuse will re-latch after the hot air handle has cooled.
The mechanical arm is easy to install and offers more convenience & efficiency when the operator is using the hot air gun.
The unit may be used with or without installing the mechanical arm.

We carry a good range of nozzles for the unit.
We also stock spare / replacement heating elements (Item Code: 20094)

BK 4050 Features

  • Microprocessor controlled.
  • Includes airflow meter for precise adjustment of airflow rate.
  • Built-in temperature sensor that ensures constant temperature regardless of air flow variations.
  • Unique user definable (1 -20 minutes) standby auto sleep mode with resume function.
  • Power lead with UK 3-pin plug - EU adapter supplied free of charge with continental EU orders.

Includes the following Hot Air Nozzles

  • 2.5mm nozzle straight single, item A1124
  • 4.4mm nozzle straight single, item A1130
  • 8mm nozzle straight single, item A1196
  • 10mm nozzle straight single, item A1197 
  • Other nozzles available in the side panel

BK 4050 Specification

Power Input:
220-240 VAC
Power Consumption:
Temperature Range:
100 - 480degrees Celsius
Heating Element:
Metal Heating Core
Pump/Motor Type:
Diaphragm Pump
Air Capacity:
23 L /min (max)
Station Dimensions:
188(w) x 127(h) x 244(d) mm
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