BK 3080LF BlackJack SolderWerks Powerful Deluxe Desoldering Station

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NEW More Powerful Suction Pump! - BK 3080LF

Blackjack Solderwerks Deluxe Through Hole Desoldering Station

  • Ultra-compact unit with reciprocating piston style pump - providing super strong 80kPa vacuum suction.
  • Suitable for single layer and multi-layered PCB reworking.

Professional results at an affordable price!
The powerful output provides easy desoldering of multi-layer boards

The BlackJack SolderWerks BK 3080LF is a thermostatically controlled desoldering station that provides solid performance. Thisunit features a new style pump, which makes the removal of molten solder even easier than before. 

The powerful 70W heat delivery system allows you to desolder at lower temperatures, which means less time on the board and less potential for component or board damage. The new reciprocating piston pump delivers up to 4x the suction of standard desoldering units, meaning that you get a cleaner finish, more often.
The unit also features 2 'Quickset' Temperature options that can be set by the user. This allows the user, if desired, to store their favourite settings and access them at the press of a button. Pushing the SET button gives access to the 2 user-definable pre-sets.
The BK 3080LF features a clear digital display, which gives the user easy-to-read feedback for the temperature of the dewsoldering pistol.
The temperature range can be set from 200 deg to 480 deg Celsius (392-896 deg F).

Pulling the trigger on the desoldering pistol activates the powerful pump. This ensures that suction is there only when you need it.

For best results, keep the trigger pulled and the pump running for a few seconds after removing the molten solder, to allow the solder to be properly sucked into the desoldering gun chamber, thus reducing the risk of any blockages.

In the event of any blockage, tools are included to assist with blockage removal.

The station comes complete with a lightweight desoldering gun, (6) paper filters, (1) spring filter and grommet, cleaning pin and drill for nozzle, silicone grease to prevent air leakage, and (2) spare tips.

Includes 3 desoldering nozzles in total: 1.0mm, 1.5mm & 1.8mm diameter

This unit is compatible with the new desoldering tips with shafts, item nos.:




See side panel for tip listings.

The unit is pre-calibrated at the factory, and should not need any re-calibration under normal circumstances.

However, if the need arises to re-calibrate, this can be done easily and digitally - the process is explained in the user manual.


Power Inpu
220-240 VAC
Power Consumption:
60W Peak
200 - 480 degrees Celsius
Heating Element:
Ceramic Heater
Output Voltage:
Tip to Ground Resistance:
Below 2 ohms
Tip to Ground Potential:
Below 2mV
Suction Flow:
15L/min (max)
Vacuum Generator:
Reciprocating Piston Diaphragm Pump
Vacuum Pressure:
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