0-30V 0-5A DC Bench Power Supply CSI 3005X5 Adjustable Dual Linear Output

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CSE-CSI 3005X5
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CSI 3005X5 DC Regulated Bench Power Supply

Variable 0-30VDC 0-5A / Fixed 1A 5VDC

High stability LCD digital read-out bench power supplies featuring constant voltage and current outputs. Short circuit and current limiting protection is provided. SMT PC boards and a built-in cooling fan help ensure reliable performance and long life.

The perfect choice for lab and educational use. 1A, 5VDC fixed output is on the rear panel.

The voltage control rotates through 10 full revolutions from 0 to full output, helping the user accurately obtain a precise voltage output.

Also suitable for anodising and plating applications.

  • Input Voltage: 230VAC
  • SMD adhesive sheet element technology for internal pcb construction
  • Attractive yellow large LCD display
  • Built in thermostatically controlled cooling fan
  • Multiloop high precision voltage regulation
  • Progressive current regulation
  • Dual terminal system. Safety test style or expandable screw terminals
  • Overload protection circuit
  • Low ripple voltage: <1mV P-P
  • Output polarity: positive or negative
  • Rugged reinforced metal frame construction
  • Source effect: 5 x 10(-4) =2mV
  • Load effect: 5 x 10(-4) =2mV
  • Ripple coefficient: <250uV
  • Stepped current: 30mA +/- 1mA
  • CE and UL Approved

Dimensions: 190(H) x 130(W) x 300(D)

  • Includes: 1 Set Banana to Crocodile & 1 set Spade to Open End Cables

This is a linear power supply - it is not a switch mode unit

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