CSI 5003EIII Bench Power Supply 0-100V 0-3A Linear (0-50V 0-6A) 5V fixed output

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CSI 5003EIII regulated DC bench power supply

0-100V 0-3A / 0-50V 0-6A

Now with 10x Multi-Turn Voltage Control Dials!!

Get a more accurate Voltage output with the new 10x turn potentiometers on this newly updated unit!

A highly reliable, variable DC Bench Power Supply with built in short circuit and thermal protection.

It meets CE certification requirments.

Input Voltage is 220-240VAC and the unit comes with a UK 3-pin power lead.
We supply EU adapters free of charge with continental European orders.

This is a linear unit, not a switch mode supply

The power supply unit is equipped with protection circuits that protect the units from short circuits and over temperature by shutting down for safety.

It features independent serial and parallel mode operation.
This power supply is suitable for the laboratory, electronics, communications equipment maintenance, production line, scientific research and educational institutions.

This bench power supply functions in series or parallel modes for great flexibility.

Ships with a set of 4mm banana plug leads. Bare wires can also be attached by unscrewing the connection ports and affixing wires to the binding posts. .

Technical specifications:

Input voltage:   
220-240VAC 50/60Hz
Variable Outputs: 
x 2 adjustable
Output voltage: 0-50V (adj. continuously)
Output current: 
0-3A (adj. continuously)
Source regulation:
Load regulation: CV≤0.01%+2mV (rated≤5A)
  CV≤0.01%+5mV(rated> 5A)
Ripple and noise:   CV≤1mV(rms)
Current-limiting protection
Indication: Voltmeter, Ammeter
   or 3-digit volt-LED & Amp-LED
  Volt-indication:     LED ±1%±2digits
  Amp-indication:     LED ±2%±

This unit provides a 5V fixed output @ 3A

Output voltage:
Output current:   
Source regulation:
Load regulation:   ≤1×10-3
Ripple & noise:   
Protection Current Limiting
  Short Circuit


Operating environment

Operating temperature: 0 to +40ºC
Dimensions 360mm × 265mm × 165mm
Relative humidity: 
less than 90%
Operating time: 8 hours continuous

CE and UL certified


Guidelines for Operation

To use in Constant Voltage Mode (normal operation)

Set the C.C. adjustment to MAX, so that no current limiting occurs.
Set Voltage as desired.
Output can then be set.

NB: Current will be shown on the display only when a load is connected.

Using the Current limit to Control Output:


Rotate the C.V. dials clockwise to MAX.
Rotate the C.C. dials counterclockwise to MIN.

NOW connect the required load.

Rotate the Current control dials until the output Current reaches the required current value.
The C.V. indicator will be off and the C.C. indicator will illuminate.

To set a current limit for use during normal operation:

Turn power “ON”.
Select a low Voltage (e.g 0.1V).
Turn the C.C. adjustment to MIN.

Then connect the positive and negative output terminals to create a short circuit.
This puts the unit in 'C.C. set mode'.

Rotate the C.C. dials clockwise until the desired output current is shown on the display.
Now disconnect the short. The CC setting is set until the unit is next powered “OFF”.
At next switch on the unit defaults to the current value determined by the last position of the current dials.

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