CSI 5003XE 0-50V 0-3A Adjustable DC Regulated Bench Power Supply

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CSI 5003XE

Low price on a great quality bench power supply

This unit features a separate Power Output Activation button - this unit can be switched on with the power output isolated.

Setting a Current Limit

With the Voltage Output set to OFF, the max. Current setting (Amps) is displayed and can be adjusted by use of the potentiometer on the front of the unit (this is done by means of a small screwdriver). This will set the current limit. When Voltage output is turned ON, the Current display shows the actual amount of Amps drawn by the application connected. The unit will remian in CV (Constant Voltage) mode until the Current Limit is reached. If the Current Limit is reached, the unit will automatically enter CC (Comstant Current) mode.

NB: A load (whatever is connected to the Power Supply) will only draw the amount of current that it requires. The user does not need to set the amount of Current required - this will be drawn automatically by the Load when the correct Voltage is supplied). This is why CV mode and Voltage is always the dominant controller.

Why set a Current Limit?

Often, there will be no need to set a Current Limit. Your application will draw the Amps that it needs when a Voltage output is set.

Only in situations where you need to ensure that your application does NOT draw more than a certain level of Amps would you set a Current Limit.

It is used a a safety measure rather than needing to be set every time you use the supply. By default the unit is set to the maximum rated output, allowing you to use the full Amps range.


This is a robust linear bench power supply.

The main 'ON' switch is on the left of the front panel.

Output will only be generated when the Output switch is active, located on the right of the front panel. Extra versatility with this feature.

Output is fully adjustable from 0-50VDC. Output is regulated and is available full range at 0-3 Amps of current.

Maximum output is 50V at 3A.

Voltage is adjusted by a single turn pot. (For a unit with a multi-turn pot, see our CSI 5003X5).

Current is controlled using the potentiometer on the front panel. A small screwdriver is used to limit the current output if current limiting is required. The default setting is the full 3A capacity of the unit. Unless you need to specifically set a current limit, it is not necessary to change the current dial setting. In Constant Voltage mode the Amps drawn will be determined by the Load as long as the current drawn does not exceed the maximum 3A.

If the current limit is reached, the unit will automatically switch to Constant Current mode and the Voltage will be automatically adjusted to allow for the Current limit.

The green led display provides high contrast readouts for Voltage as well as Current. 

The unit ships with a set of 4mm banana leads. External outputs are also available underneath the front output cover. Behind the cover are screw-type connection ports, to allow the user to permanently attach output cables with bare wires.


Case dimensions:

length = 255mm

height = 180mm

width = 130mm

Measured to include the dial on the front, length = 275mm.

Measured to include rubber feet and carrying handle, height = 195mm.

Bench Power Supply Specification:

  • Input Voltage: 220-240VAC
  • Output Voltage (CV): 0-50VDC
  • Output Current(CC):0-3 Amps
  • Short Circuit Protection
  • Ripple : 1.5mVrms
  • Line Regulation (CV): < 0.01%+5mV
  • Line Regulation:(CC): <0.01% + 5mV
  • Load Regulation (CV): <0.01% +5mV
  • Display Accuracy Voltage: 100mV+/- 1 digit
  • Display Accuracy Current: 10mA+/- 2 digits
  • Output Control: Single turn dial
  • Cooling: fan
  • Design Type: Linear

This unit is perfect on the workbench, in the laboratory or classroom.

The green led display provides high contrast readouts for Voltage as well as Current. 

This is a great value robust supply, backed with our UK 12 month warranty for peace of mind.

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