CSI 853B+ Digital Preheater Station with Hot Air Rework Option

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CSI 853B+ Desktop Preheater with Hot Air Station

New from Circuit Specialists, the CSI 853B+ provides an improved cost solution to applying heat to SMT and SMD chips when reworking or removing components from a circuit board. This new unit combines a hot air gun with a preheater to form an all-in-one rework solution.

The hot air gun can be hand-held, or mounted in the adjustable stand provided. This handy unit facilitates the process of applying heat to both sides of the board and monitoring the temperature.

This system includes 4 nozzles (shown in image) as well as a pry tool.

Circuit Specialists stocks a wide range of thot air nozzles for this unit (see the `Related Products' section at the side of this page)

Whether you are working with BGA, SOIC, SOP, QFP, PLCC packages, this unit will assist in getting the heat to BOTH sides of the board.

Compact design and microprocessor controlled loop PID circuit to regulate temperature. The CSI 853B+ monitors the integrated ceramic heating element temperature on a 20-millisecond cycle to respond quickly to changes in temperature / conditions.

The unit is controlled by an easy to operate front panel. The  LED display provides the user with feedback on the set temperature.

The sliding board holders are a useful feature, allowing smaller boards to be held in place, or larger boards to be easily supported over the heat source.

Easy-to-use thumb screws allow the holders to be secured in place at the appropriate distance.


  • Input:220-240VAC
  • Max Power: 1000 watts (preheater & hot air combined
  • Dimensions: 225mm(W) x 188mm(H) x 125mm(D)
  • Weight: 7.3 Kg (approx.16 lbs)
  • Heating Elements: Ceramic
  • Temperature Range / Preheater: 50-400 deg C (122 to 752 deg F) display is in Celsius
  • Temperature Range / Hot Air: 100-480 deg C
  • Hot Air Power: 720 watts
  • Hot Air Flow: 120L / minute maximum
  • Temperature Stability: +/- 2%
  • Displays for hot air temp & preheater temp: LED
  • Heating area of preheater: 120mm x 120mm (approx. 5" x 5")
  • Includes 4 Hot Air nozzles

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