CSI POWERSTATION+ desoldering & hot air rework station with 75W Iron + vacuum pickup tool

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A powerful multi-purpose desoldering and hot air rework station with a 75W soldering Iron!

  • Microprocessor Controlled Desoldering Station

  • Powerful 75W Soldering Iron (compatible with all of our tips with the KD-M- prefix - see side panel)
  • High quality diaphragm pump (not a rotary fan as found on many cheaper models)

  • Vacuum pick-up wand attachment

  • Temperature sleep mode

  • Includes 4 straight single hot air nozzles and a mini pry-bar for lifting ICs

  • Suction wand comes with 4 different rubber pickup pads for various IC sizes

The Power-Station+ features a large diaphram pump to generate up to 28litres per minute of controlled air flow. Coupled with precise temperature control through an integrated SCM & PID closed loop monitoring system, this unit is an excellent choice. The system can achieve real-time temperature tracking within a 1% fluctuation range and rapid temperature recovery for both the hot air section as well as the soldering iron section.

This system may be operated in hot air "auto mode" or manual mode.

The mode is user definable.

"auto mode":- The system will detect (using a magnetic switch) when the hot air gun is placed into the hot air gun cradle and automaticly start the cool down/shut-down procedure. As soon as the gun is removed from the cradle, the system automaticly & very rapidly restores the temperature and air flow settings that were in place when the gun was placed into the cradle.

The 75 watt soldering iron has a smoke filter attachement to capture the smoke generated from the soldering or de-soldering process.

If required, the smoke filter can be removed from the main unit suction port and replaced with the component pick up wand (included). This handy feature improves the ability to handle small components using the airflow system.

The Power-Station+ is a premium tool. The large LCD display accurately displays the temperature and airflow settings for the hot air gun as well as the soldering iron. Air flow and iron temperature are clearly visible.Airflow is controlled by a rotary dial, and temperature settings by up and down push buttons.

The soldering iron has a user definable "sleep mode" feature. If the  soldering iron is not used in the set "sleep mode" period, it will automatically shut down. The 'Sleep mode" may be set  from 1 minute to 99 minutes.

Circuit Specialists stocks a wide range of soldering and hot air tips as well as a replacement soldring wand for this unit (see the `Related Products' section at the side of this page)


  • Individual power switches for hot air, soldering iron and smoke absorber/pick up wand suction port
  • SAMSUNG SCM & PID program allows the unit to achieve real-time temperature tracking & correction
  • Fast heating. Switchable Fahrenheit & Celsius temperature displays
  • Large Liquid Crystal Display (also displays air settings)
  • System is shipped with hot air section in auto mode but may be switched to manual mode
  • Auto sleep function for soldering iron section may be set from 1-99 minutes
  • Vacuum operated component pick up wand may be connected in place of the smoke filter


  • VAC input: 220-240VAC
  • Power: 720 watts max total system
  • Dimensions of main body: 255mm x 188mm x 125mm
  • Weight: 5.1kG
  • Hot Air Section Output: 550W max
  • Soldering iron output: 75W max
  • Temp Range Hot Air: 212° F to 896° F (100° C to 480° C)
  • Temp range Soldering iron: 392° to 896° F (200° C to 480° C)
  • Airflow: Diaphram pump technology/ 28L/minute max
  • Temperature Stability (static): +/- 1%
  • Display: Large LCD
  • PID Temperature Correction Cycle
  •     Hot Air: 20ms
  •     Soldering Iron: 100 ms
  • Tip to ground impedance of soldering iron:< 2 ohms
  • Tip to Ground Voltage of soldering iron: <2mV
  • Includes (1) KD-M-0.8D 0.8mm Chisel Tip, (5) Hot Air Tips & (4) suction tips

The profile (heat and airflow settings) required to rework any given chip can vary. We always recommend that the user practice on a dead board to assess the optimum heat / airflow settings for the specific application.

Where a concentration of air is required, we stock a range of BGA, QFP, PLCC, SOP, and SIP nozzles to help direct the air to where it is needed. 

Compatible with all of the hot air nozzles that we stock. See the side panel of this page for details.

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