CSI ThermoSculpt3D Advanced Sculpting and Retouching Tool for 3D Printing

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CSE-CSI Thermosculpt3D
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CSI ThermoSculpt3D Advanced Sculpting and Retouching Tool for 3D Printing

The CSI ThermoSculpt3D is a versatile handheld heated sculpting tool that can be used for retouching 3D printed models.

Comes with 3 tips

It is designed with a selection of compound heating tips that afford versatility in terms of applying heat to different areas of the 3D print. These tips can easily be changed around, due to the simply push in – pull out design.

The CSI Thermosculpt3D has a digital LCD read out and tactile buttons, allowing easy monitoring and adjustment of both modes of function and temperature output.

The ergonomic design makes the Thermosculpt3D easy to use. The compact unit is packed with several advanced functions and features, which are accessible via the digital menu options.

The unit employs soldering iron technology, but uses a design which allows for easy manipulation of the heat source. This affords the user more accuracy in re-touching the 3D printed object. The interchangeable heated tools further extend the ability of the tool in allowing the user to apply heat in a number of different ways.

The CSI Thermosculpt3D incorporates a menu of preset function modes. For example, the user need only choose the type of 3D printing filament (ABS or PLA) used to make a model in order for the Thermosculpt3D to set itself to the correct rework temperature.

The unit also has a user definable option so that any temperature within the operating range can be set.

Sleep Mode. The CSI Themrosculpt3D incorporates a handy safety feature in its sleep mode.

The handle incorporates a movement sensor, which detects when the Thermosculpt3D has been idle for a pre-defined period of time (user definable between 1 and 60 minutes). After the set time of inactivity, the unit will enter sleep mode.

A temperature ‘lock’ option is also available. This is useful when the user wishes to lock the Thermosculpt3D to a setting and prevent that setting from being adjusted or tampered with. This can be particularly useful in a classroom environment, where a uniform temperature should be used.  


Input Voltage

12VDC 25W

(220-240V AC adapter included)


50 Grammes


302~752°F (150~400°C)

Heating Element

Composite ceramic heater

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