ESD Safe Compact Desoldering Station for through hole components CSI 474A+

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CSI 474A Through Hole Desoldering Station

Professional Results at an Affordable Price! Great Value!

Now with imporved suction capacity. Better results!

The CSI 474A+ is a thermostatically controlled desoldering station that provides low cost and solid performance to fit the needs of the hobbyist and light duty user. The heat delivery system allows you to desolder at lower temperatures, which means less time on the board and less potential for component or board damage. The double cylinder vacuum pump quickly moves the solder away from the work area to ensure a professional job every time.

The air suction pressure has been increased 4 fold over the predecessor, making it quicker and easier to remove solder from the board.

Temperature is adjustable from 200 degrees C to 480 degrees C by a simple rotary switch and a calibration port is on the station to allow you to make sure you maintain constant temperature each time you change out the tips.

The station comes complete with a lightweight desoldering gun, (6) paper filters, (1) spring filter and grommet, (1) cleaning pin and drill for nozzle, and silicone grease to prevent air leakage.

Includes 3 desoldering nozzles: 1.0mm, 1.5mm & 1.8mm diameter

This unit is now compatible with the new desoldering tips with shafts, item nos.:





  • Power Consumption: 70W 
  • Station Output Voltage: 24V 
  • Input Voltage: 220-240V
  • Pump Voltage: 12V
  • Pump Pressure: increased x 4 times over previous model to 70-80 KPA
  • Gun Power Consumption: 24V/50W
  • Temperature: 200degreesC-480degreesC (392degreesF-896degreesF)
  • Nozzle to Ground Resistance: <2ohms


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