Premium Carbon Conductive Grease 454ml size MG Chemicals 8481-2

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MG Chemicals 8481-2 Premium Carbon Conductive Grease - 454ml

(NB: 85ml size pictured)

The 8481 Premium Carbon Conductive Grease is an electrically conductive grease with a synthetic oil base. This product is similar to the MG 846 silicone conductive grease, but unlike its silicone counterpart the 8481 synthetic-oil grease is essentially non-bleeding. Further, it includes corrosion inhibitors that provide superior corrosion resistance.

The 8481 grease lubricates and improves electrical connections between sliding surfaces and parts, ensuring good grounding connection. It is also used to improve electrical continuity between irregular and pitted surfaces, as well as providing an economical way to protect switches against corrosion.

  • Improves electrical connections between irregular surfaces.
  • Extends the life of contacts
  • Resistivity better than 400 Ω
  • Silicone Free
  • Safe on plastics
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