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Rub-On Etch Resist

Simply Rub-On and etch!

Now you can create your very own circuit with little investment in money and time. MG Chemicals Rub-On Etch Resist product comes with 7 unique sheets of the most commonly used shapes in circuit board creation.  Also included is a sheet for you to custom cut your own shape.  All you need to do is Rub-On the shapes and lines onto a plain copper clad board and you are ready for etching.  You will be amazed with the quality of your circuit!

  • Perfect finish every time
  • Sharp edges
  • No printing or exposure required

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For further information on creating plated through holes using the MG Professional Prototyping Process, please see the MG training videos at Tech Support Center.

  • Not compatible with Ammonium Persulfate


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