Silicone Conformal Coating Epoxy for High Temperature Environments 422B-1L

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MG Chemicals - 422B-1L

UL Recognized for Flame Class 94 V-0

Ideal for high temperature environments. Silicone Conformal Coating (422B) is a flexible finish product that provides a protective coating for printed circuit boards against moisture, corrosion, and thermal shock.

It protects and insulates electrical and electronic components and assemblies, including generators, motors, transformers, relays, and solenoid coils.

For spraying, liquid can be thinned using M.G. Thinner Cleaner. Thin up to one half part thinner to one part coating.


Directions for Use

Best results will be obtained by applying to thoroughly cleaned and dried parts or materials. It is essential that surfaces be free of any trace of grease or organic substances.

At room temperature, the product will tack free in approximately 5-7 minutes, and full cure will be achieved in approximately 48 hours.

Curing may be accelerated by applying moderate heat with either a convection oven or infrared lamps.

Curing is recommended in a convection oven at 65°C (149°F) for one hour, but other temperature and time combinations can work well.

Heat curing will improve the physical strength of this coating.

Our 4224 Optically Clear Conformal Coating Epoxy offers a very strong and UV-resistant finish. This two part coating is easy to use: it does not require special or costly equipment to apply.

The 4224 epoxy coating protects electric circuits against corrosive chemicals, moisture, dirt, dust, thermal shocks, and scratches. This avoids corrosion and physical damages to electric components. It also insulates against high-voltage arcing, shorts, and static discharges.


Applications & Usages

The 4224 Optically Clear Conformal Coating Epoxy improves reliability, operational range, and lengthens the life of electronic and LED parts. You will find it mainly in corrosive environments such as farming, mining, smelting, oil exploration, and marine industries. As well, it applies to any other areas where corrosion must be avoided.

Common epoxy conformal coatings industrial uses are with electric generators, motors, transformers, relays, and equipment controllers. Commercial applications span fire alarms, sensors, automotive electronics, electrical connectors, and porcelains.


Features and Benefits

  • Excellent Chemical and Abrasion Resistance
  • Optically Clear: Transmission @25 µm [1 mil] <4.5% loss in optical range
  • UV light stable: non yellowing
  • Protects electronics from chemicals corrosion, oil, moisture, fungus, and static discharges


Curing, Work, and Storage Schedules

Working Pot life @25 °C [77 °F]
Full Cure @80 °C [172 °F]
3 h

2 h

Storage Temperature 25 °C [77 °F]

Service Ranges

Service Temperature -40 to +100 °C
[-40 to +212 °F]
Max Withstand Temperature +115 °C
[+239 °F]
Max coverage per gal for 50 µm [2 mil] a) <840 000 cm²
[<910 ft²]

a) Estimated based on ideal values. Actual value will be somewhat less than quoted.

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