SMD Hot Tweezer Adapter (CSI TWZR)

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For use with:

CSI STATION1A, CSI STATION2A, CSI 950+, CSI 701, CSI 701A, CSI 906, BK 2000+, BK 5000 & BK 5050


  • Direct contact with components solves the problem of transferring heat to nearby components that are easy to damage by hot air guns. Especially suitable for concentrated circuit boards with small flat IC components with less than 25mm per side.
  • Made from anti-static material, protecting static sensitive components.

Comes with a set of pointed tips (2029342).

Also compatible with the flat tip set (2029343) - see sidebar.

This tweezer may also be compatible with other brands.

See below for pin-out detaiks:

Pin 1: Red wire
Pin 2: Blue wire
Pin 3: Black wire
Pin 4: Green wire
Pin 5: White wire

The resistance measurements are as follows:

Pins 1&2: 19 to 23 ohms
Pins 4&5: 1.2 to 1.5 ohms
Pin 3 & solder tip: Below 2 ohms


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