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8616-25ML - Super Thermal Grease II

The 8616 Super Thermal Grease is low thermal resistance grease with a synthetic oil base that is electrically insulating and non-corrosive.

Use to improve the thermal interface contact conductivity between heat sinks, LEDs, motors, and heat-generating electronic components such as CPUs, GPU chipsets, power components. It improves the thermal interface between irregular and pitted surfaces.

  • High thermal conductivity
  • Silicone Free and non-bleeding
  • Lowers the contact resistance between irregular surfaces
  • Extends the life of electronic components
  • High dielectric strength
  • Safe on plastics

It is important to properly cool your system for maximum reliability and to prevent premature failure.

Heat sinks alone are not effective enough to properly cool your system do to the imperfections on the surface of your circuitry and the heat sink.

Application Instructions

The conductive grease performance depends on mainly on surface preparation. Improperly prepared contact surfaces can degrade the paste’s stability, conductivity, and lubrication characteristics. While the thickness and coverage are also important, the application method itself can easily be adjusted according to performance and application needs.


  • Wear gloves and protective clothing (See 8616 MSDS). This product is messy.
  • Clean and dry the surface of the substrate to remove other oils and greases, as well as dust, water, solvents, or any other contaminants.


  • Lint free cloth (for cleaning contact and for wiping excess residue)
  • Spatula or stick application tools (sized appropriately for your application).
  • Isopropyl alcohol or other residue-free organic solvents.

To apply the grease
1. Wipe the contact with a lint-free cloth
2. Clean the contacts with isopropyl alcohol or other non-oil based cleaner.
3. Once dry, dispense grease onto the surface.

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