CSI Premier75W Digital Temperature Controlled Solder Station with 75W Soldering Iron

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CSI Premier75W - High Power 75Watt Soldering Station with Digital Display

This is a worthy successor to our highly popular CSI Station3DLF soldering station.

The CSI PREMIER75W features a very powerful 75W iron that is temperature controlled. The unit has some extended featutres which allow the user to set up the system with great versatility. Set up to 3 preset working temperatures for easy switching between your favourite settings.

The soldering iron features an extra-long 1.5M flex. The flex is also resistant to heat, meaning that if you accidentally touch the cable with the hot iron tip, the cable will not melt or degrade.

Further developments now see a motion detection mechanism in the soldering iron handle. Once the system enters the iron sleep mode, it is sufficient to simply move the iron handle to resume operation at the last active setting.

The temperature display can be set to display in Celsius or Fahrenheit scale. There is also a user-defineable auto-shutdown feature.


  • Powerful 75W heater works effectively with standard & lead free solder
  • Quality finish on fascia and control dial 
  • Backlit LCD display
  • Three channel temperature pre-set storage function
  • Automatic Shutdown Feature
  • Iron Sleep Mode with Movement Detection
  • Temperature calibration function

This system features a grounded tip to protect delicate circuits from static charge. Also included is a separate iron holder.

We've also added  a great and tip cleaner for maintaining the longevity of your tips.The pot is filled with wire wool, which can be used to clean the tip, whilst at the bottom of the pot there is a layer of rosin, which will help coat the tip surface.

Circuit Specialists stocks a large supply of spare and replacement tips for this station. We also stock a full replacement iron handle including tip (see side panel).


  • 220-240VAC Input Voltage
  • 75 watt ceramic heater
  • Versatile easy to read liquid crystal display
  • Automatically remembers previous temperature setting
  • Display in Celsius or Fahrenheit scale
  • 3 foot cord length from station to iron tip
  • Conical Tip included (KD-M-B)
  • Broad selection of replacement tips available
  • O.E.M. manufactured just for Circuit Specialists

This unit is compatible with all of our standard style soldering tips (with the KD-M- prefix - see the side bar)

NB.: Units supplied from our store here in Europe are all 220-240VAC input.

In the box:

CSI PREMIER75W Main Station 1pc
Solder Iron with Fine Tip 1pc
Solder Iron Holder 1pc
Rosin Pot with Wire Wool Tip Cleaner 1pc
Instruction Manual 1pc


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